Artist Statement

My work is a commentary on myself: it is the daily conversations I have within my head, the transition of emotions and thoughts I have throughout the day, the wishes I had hoped would come true and the goals that I plan on bringing to life. A stream of consciousness: my work is my own personal reality come to fruition.

I create because it is the only source of stability I have come to find in my life. Seeking control is intrinsic of being human; we all fight the urge to let go, to let our lives unfold as naturally as the world sees fit. Control is something I like to think that I have when it comes to creating; however, the act of making is manipulative. Process and materials work through me as if I am an object; process is so captivating, entrapping me in an instinctual and emotional reaction to my environment, thoughts and feelings.

Formally, my work is a tactile play on color and space. It is a narrative of abstracted shapes relating to one another. The images are lyrical, feminine and raw. Technically, I am reacting to materials and the process of additive and subtractive methods. Process informs content in a subtle yet parallel system. Even though my mode of making can seem spontaneous and undetermined, it is comforting to see a correlation between first thought and end product. I am often caught by surprise at the final piece; they are these quick stamps of my essence, honest and unfiltered, speaking directly of my heart, my womanhood and my romantic view of the world.

The progression from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional world was a natural transition for my work and myself. I was looking for something more tangible and my prints were practically screaming to be made into mass. The mindset I carry when making prints is the same as when I am making molds for castings; the instant gratification might not be there, again, leaving me learning to relinquish control.

We all experience intuitive relationships. We all understand love and loss. I want the viewer to understand that they are not alone in their stories.I’ve come to the realization that I do not have control-no one does. I have learned that it is okay to not have control. That is what makes us human.

Taylor Kennedy, 2015


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